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trucos gratis para Quake 4
Trucos Pc con claves y ayudas para Quake 4 con códigos secretos Pc subidos por los cazatrucos y usuarios de la red para recopilar el mayor número de trucos de Quake 4 Pc gratis, descúbrelos gratis !!!
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    Trucos Quake 4 Pc
    pc ordenador

    Para abrir la consola de trucos deberemos pulsar, ~,Ctrl, pulsar Y Alt, introducir el codigo del truco y despues Intro.

    Give all: Armas, municion salud y armaduras infinitas.

    noclip: Atravesamos paredes.

    GOD: Modo Dios.

    notarget: Invisibles.

    spawn char_marine_hyperblaster: Nos da un marine con un Hyperblaster.

    spawn char_marine_medic: Aparece un marine que te cura.

    spawn char_marine_tech_armed: Un marine con muchas armas.

    spawn char_marine_fatigues: Un marine con camisa y pantalones cortos.

    ¿Te sirvió este truco? correcto incorrecto
    por: Joker
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    Guia de Quake 4
    pc ordenador

    these commands only walk you enable the console in multiplayer or in single-player game.
    To enable the console in multiplayer have to put the following one and disable it net_allowcheats net_allowcheats 0
    Attention some commands you can close the server that the game does not hold and close only the server but are
    make sure not! have be careful!

    comandos [M>

    m_maxlnput (caps the amount of mouse movement possible)
    m_showmouserate (shows mouse movement)
    m_strafesmooth (number of samples blended for mouse moving)
    m_smooth (number of samples blended for mouse viewing)
    m_strafescale (mouse strafe movement scale)
    m_yaw (mouse yaw scale)
    m_pitch (mouse pitch scale)
    comandos [Mat>
    mat_weitehitmaterials (1 = weite preprocessed hit image data to file.)
    mat_weitehitmaterials (1 = use preprocessed hit image files)

    spawn [Moveable>
    spawn [M> ~Crate
    spawn moveable_crate_exploding1
    spawn moveable_crete1_small
    spawn moveable_create1_medium
    spawn moveable_create1_tall
    spawn moveable_create_ammobox
    spawn moveable_create_create1
    spawn moveable_create_create3
    spawn moveable_create_strogg3_64
    spawn moveable_create_strogg3_48
    spawn [M> ~Bareel
    spawn moveable_barrel_test
    spawn moveable_barrel_test2
    spawn moveable_barrel_medium1a
    spawn moveable_barrel_medium1b
    spawn moveable_barrel_medium1c
    spawn moveable_barrel_medium1d
    spawn moveable_barrel_medium2a
    spawn moveable_barrel_medium2b
    spawn moveable_barrel_medium2c
    spawn moveable_barrel_medium2d
    spawn moveable_barrel_stroyenta
    spawn moveable_barrel_stroyentb
    spawn moveable_barrel_stroyentc
    spawn [M> ~Stage
    spawn moveable_stage_burn
    spawn moveable_stage_ignite
    spawn moveable_stage_launch
    spawn moveable_stage_launch_red
    spawn moveable_stage_waitfordead
    spawn moveable_stage_ramdomdelay
    spawn moveable_stage_launch_tram
    spawn moveable_stage_explode
    spawn moveable_stage_break_begin
    spawn moveable_stage_break
    spawn moveable_stage_break_finish
    spawn moveable_stage_waitforimpact
    spawn moveable_stage_waitfortrigger
    spawn [M> ~Base
    spawn moveable_base
    spawn moveable_base_brick
    spawn moveable_base_domino
    spawn moveable_base_barrel
    spawn moveable_base_fixed
    spawn [M> ~ALL
    spawn moveable_explodingbarrel
    spawn moveable_burningbarrel
    spawn moveable_explodingtank
    spawn moveable_burningtank
    spawn [M> ~ALL
    spawn moveable_plate
    spawn moveable_panel
    spawn moveable_beam
    spawn moveable_beam2
    spawn moveable_pallet
    spawn moveable_pallet_96
    spawn [M> ~Machine
    spawn moveable_machine1
    spawn moveable_machine2
    spawn moveable_machine3
    spawn moveable_machine4
    spawn moveable_machine5
    spawn moveable_machine6
    spawn moveable_machine7
    spawn moveable_machine8
    spawn moveable_machine9
    spawn moveable_machine10
    spawn moveable_machine11
    spawn moveable_machine_chunk1
    spawn moveable_machine_chunk2
    spawn [M> ~Pod
    spawn moveable_bonesaw
    spawn moveable_pod
    spawn moveable_poddoor_1
    spawn moveable_poddoor_1a
    spawn moveable_poddoor_2
    spawn [M> ~Gid
    spawn moveable_gib_head_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_torso_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_rup_arm_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_left_waist_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_lip_leg_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_rup_leg_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_rup2_leg_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_pelvis_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_skull
    spawn moveable_gib_big_head_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_big_torso_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_big_rup_arm_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_big_left_waist_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_big_lup_leg_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_big_rup_leg_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_big_rup2_leg_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_big_pelvis_pork
    spawn moveable_gib_marine_fighter_wing
    spawn moveable_gib_marine_fighter_gun
    spawn moveable_gib_marine_fighter_door
    spawn moveable_gib_marine_fighter_bit1
    spawn moveable_gib_marine_stroggflyer_wing1
    spawn moveable_gib_marine_stroggflyer_wing2
    spawn moveable_gib_marine_stroggflyer_bit
    spawn moveable_gib_tram_bapulsar R 1
    spawn moveable_gib_tram_bapulsar R 2
    spawn moveable_gib_tram_floor
    spawn moveable_gib_tram_frame
    spawn [M> ~Marine
    spawn moveable_marine_helmet
    spawn moveable_marine_helmet_shot
    spawn moveable_marine_aircannister
    spawn moveable_marine_binder4
    spawn moveable_marine_fireext
    spawn [M> ~N1 Smile
    spawn moveable_convoy_roadpanel
    spawn [M> ~Harvester
    spawn moveable_harvester_lg1
    spawn moveable_harvester_lg2
    spawn moveable_harvester_lg3
    spawn moveable_harvester_lg4
    spawn [M> ~Item
    spawn moveable_item_dmg
    spawn moveable_item_grenadelauncher
    spawn moveable_item_hyperblaster
    spawn moveable_item_lightning_gun
    spawn moveable_item_machinegun
    spawn moveable_item_nailgun
    spawn moveable_item_railgun
    spawn moveable_item_rocketlaunchear
    spawn moveable_item_shotgun

    spawn [MP> ~CTF | FLAG
    spawn mp_ctf_flag
    spawn mp_ctf_marine_flag
    spawn mp_ctf_strogg_flag
    spawn mp_ctf_one_flag
    spawn mp_ctf_flag_pole
    spawn mp_ctf_flag_world
    spawn mp_ctf_marine_flag_world
    spawn mp_ctf_strogg_flag_world
    spawn mp_icom
    spawn [M> ~ALL
    spawn mpcpuintelplayerlimit
    spawn mpcpuamdplayrtlimit
    spawn [M> ~Model
    spawn model_player_failed_trasfer
    spawn model_player_slimy_trasfer
    spawn model_player_corpse
    spawn model_player_marine_tech
    spawn model_player_tactical_elite
    spawn model_player_tactical_command
    spawn model_player_marine
    spawn model_player_marine_morris
    spawn model_player_marine_voss
    spawn model_player_marine_cortez
    spawn model_player_marine_helmeted
    spawn model_player_marine_medic
    spawn model_player_marine_officer
    spawn model_player_marine_fatigues
    spawn model_player_marine_transfer
    spawn model_player_tactical_trasfer
    spawn model_player_kane_strogg
    spawn [M> ~Melee
    spawn melle_monster_base
    spawn melle_marine
    spawn medic_vaccinegun
    spawn monstereyestalk
    spawn melee_berserker_new
    spawn melee_berserker
    spawn melee_berserker_mace
    spawn melee_berserker_leap
    spawn melee_berserker_popup_a
    spawn melee_berserker_popup_b
    spawn melee_berserker
    spawn melee_bossbuddy
    spawn melee_bossbuddy_swipe
    spawn melee_bossbuddy_punch
    spawn melee_failed_transfer
    spawn melee_failed_transfer_light
    spawn melee_gladiator
    spawn melee_gladiator_left
    spawn melee_shield
    spawn melee_grunt
    spawn melee_grunt_leap
    spawn melee_gunner_right
    spawn melee_gunner_left
    spawn melee_htank
    spawn melee_iron_maiden
    spawn melee_makron_stab
    spawn [M> ~Mcc1
    spawn mcc1_char_marine
    spawn mcc1_char_marine_tech
    spawn mcc1_char_marine_medic
    spawn mcc1_char_marine_fatigues
    spawn mcc1_char_marine_cinematic
    spawn mcc1_char_doctor
    spawn mcc1_char_marine_cinematic_harper
    spawn mcc1_char_marine_officer
    spawn mcc1_makron
    spawn mcc1_monster_grunt
    spawn mcc1_monster_strogg_marine
    spawn mcc1_chair
    spawn mcc1_tactical_station_mcc2
    spawn mcc1_vehicle_bodytable
    spawn mcc1_vehicle_medbed_patient
    spawn mcc1_char_marine
    spawn mcc1_char_marine_tech
    spawn mcc1_char_marine_medic
    spawn mcc1_char_marine_fatigues
    spawn mcc1_char_marine_cinematic
    spawn mcc1_char_doctor
    spawn mcc1_marine_cinematic_harper
    spawn mcc1_marine_officer
    spawn [M> ~Ammo
    spawn ammo_machinegun
    spawn ammo_nailgun
    spawn ammo_shotgun
    spawn ammo_hyperblaster
    spawn ammo_rocketlauncher
    spawn ammo_grenadelauncher
    spawn ammo_lightninggun
    spawn ammo_dmg
    spawn ammo_machinegun_moveable
    sapwn ammo_hyperblaster_moveable
    spawn ammo_nailgun_moveable
    spawn ammo_rocketlauncher_moveable
    spawn ammo_grenadelauncher_moveable
    spawn ammo_railgun_moveable
    spawn ammo_shotgun_moveable
    spawn ammo_lightninggun_moveable
    spawn ammo_dmg_moveable

    comandos [In>
    in_joystick (enable joystick input)
    in_mouse (ebable mouse input)
    in_joystickleftstickmove (left or right controls move)
    in_togglezoom (pressig _zoom onoff)
    in_togglecrouch (pressing _movedown toggles player crouchingstandingr
    in_togglerun (pressing _speed button toggles run onoff - only in MP)
    in_alwaysrun always run (reverse _speed button)
    in_freelook look around with mouse (reverse _mlook button)
    in_anglespeedkey (angle change scale when holding down _speed button)
    in_pitchspeed (pitch change speed when holding down look_lookup or_lookdown button)
    in_yawspeed (yaw change speed when holding down _left or _right button)

    comandos [Com>
    combinecubelmages baseName
    com_allowbadsavegamevercion (for debugging purposes only - so you can attempt to load savegames from a diff arent version - data may not match,may crash game)
    com_lastquicksave is:quick3 -default quick0r
    com_skiplevelloadpause is: -default r
    com_guid -default #r
    com_wipeseconds is:1 -default 1r
    com_avidemotics is:2 -default 2r
    com_avidemoheight is:256 -default 256r
    com_avidemowidth is:256 -default 256r
    com_avidemosamples is:16 -default 16r
    com_skipgamedraw is: -default r
    com_showdemo is: -default r
    com_syncgameframe is: -default r
    com_fixedtic is: -default r
    com_showtics is: -default r
    com_mintics is: -default r
    com_showangles is: -default r
    com_journal (1 = record journal,2 = play back journal)
    com_preloaddemos (load the whole demo in to ram before running it)

    comandos [F>
    forceteamchange (MP ONLY) forces player to change teams. usage: forceteamchange client number
    fadesoundclass usage: fadesoundclass classnum dB
    freeze seconds
    comandos [Fs>
    fs_mappaks -default (use level paks. only checks pak with the same name as the map)
    fs_importpath -default (rjohnson:fixme)
    fs_searchaddons-default search all addon pa4s (disables addon functionality)
    fs_casesensitive0S is: -default r
    fs_game_base is: -default (alternate mod path,searched after the main fs_game path, pulsar Beforce the basedir)
    fs_game -default (mod path)
    fs_depath is:H:quake4q4 -default (este comando es para ubicar el juego como el ejemplo que puse)
    fs_cdpath is -default
    fs_savepath is:H:quake4q4 -default (este comando guarda la ubicacion del juego)
    fs_basepath is:H:quake4q4 -default (es una variante igual a las otras dos se encargar de las ubicaciones)
    fs_copyfiles is: -default r
    fs_debug is: -default r
    fs_restrict is: -default
    comandos [Fas>
    fas_time0ffser (ms offset to the viseme frame)
    fas_intensitybias (bias applied to the intensity of the phoneme when trying to extract the viseme)
    fas_blendbias (multiplier to the per phoneme blend time)
    fas_threshhold1 (intensity required to use frame set 1)
    fas_threshhold0 (intensity required to use frame set 0)
    fas_debug (debug info for facial animation system)

    comandos [C>
    call (usage: call retkey funcname parm1 parm2...)
    clientvoiceunmute (usage: clientvoiceunmute player)
    clientvoicemute (usage: clientvoicemute player)
    clientvoicechatt (only valid in multiplayer)
    clientvoicechat (only valid in multiplayer)
    clientcallvote (UTILITATION: clientcallvote tipo valor - los tipos validos son: restart,timelimit,fraglimit,gametype,kick,map,spectators,nextmap,capturelimit.)
    clientvote (UTILITATION: clientvote yes,no)
    clientmessagemode (only valid in multiplayer)
    clearlights (clearing all lights.)
    collisionmodelinfo (you must be alive to use this command.)
    checknewversion (failed to resolve master0:
    connect (usage: connect servername)
    combinecubelmages (usage combinecubeimages basename combines basename[1-6> [0001-9999>.tga to basenameCM[0001-9999>.tga 1:forward 2:right 3:back 4:left 5:up 6:down)
    crash (may only be used in developer mode)
    condump (usage: condump filename)
    clear (borra todo)
    com_allowbadsavegamevercion (for debugging purposes only - so you can attempt to load savergames from a diff erent vercion - data may not match,may crash game)
    com_guid is: -default
    com_wipeseconds is:1 -default 1r

    bsestats ~processing 1136 registeres effects
    1 segments in 2 loaded effects (1134 never referenced)
    0.50 segments per effect
    1.00 of segments have particles
    1.00 particles per segment with particles
    buildnotes -no map loaded!
    blinkline -you must be alive to use this command.
    bind -bind key [command> : attach a command to a key
    benchmark -no primaryview for benchmarking
    bindunbindtwo - keynum [command>
    comandos [bse>
    bse_ratecost (rate cost multiplier for spawned effects
    bse_ratelimit (rate limit for spawned effects
    bse_maxparticles (max number of particles allowed per segment
    bse_singleeffect (set to the name of the effect that is only played
    bse_scale (effect scalability amount)
    bse_debris (disable effect debris)
    bse_physics (disable effect physics)
    bse_showbounds (display debug bounding boxes effect)
    bse_debug (display debug info about effect)
    bse_render (disable effect rendering)
    bse_enabled (set to false to disable all effects)

    comandos [Win>
    win_viewlog_ypos (vertical position of viewlog)
    win_viewlog_xpos (horizontal position of viewlog)
    win_enablefpuexceptions (enable FPU exceptions)
    win_allowmultipleinstances (allow multiple instances running concurrently)
    win_timerupdate (allows the game to be updated while dragging the window)

    comandos [Image>
    image_dontuseprecompressedskyboxesforCGW (temp hack in case)
    image_writeprogramimages (copy program targas to compression directory)
    image_downsizelimit (controls diffuse map downsample limit [0 = 64>)
    image_ignorehighquality (ignore high quality setting on materials)
    image_downsizebumplimit (controls normal map downsample limit [0 = 64>)
    image_downsizespecularlimit (controls specular downsampled limit [0 = 64>)
    image_downsizebump (controls normal map downsampling)
    image_downsizespecular (controls specular downsamplig)
    image_showbackgroundloads (1 = print number of outstanding background loads)
    image_usecache (1= do background load image caching)
    image_cachemegs (maximun MB full-sized precompressed images to keep in memory)
    image_cachemink (minimun KB of precompressed files to defer)
    image_useofflinecompression (write a batch file for offline compression of DDS files)
    image_writeTGA (write .tgas of the non normal maps for debugging)
    image_writenormalTGA (write .tgas of the final normal maps for debugging)
    image_writeprecompressedtextures (write .dds files if necessary)
    image_useprecompressedtextures (use .dds files if present)
    image_usenormalcompressionloadDDSforpal (1 = load dds files, pulsar And deswizzle them [only relevant for image_usenormalcompression = 1>)
    image_usenormalcompression (2 = use rxgb compression for normal maps,1 = use 256 color compression for no rmal maps if available)
    image_useallformats (allow alphaintensityluminanceluminance+alpha)
    image_usecompression (0 = force everything to high quality)
    image_preload (if 0, wait until level end to load images)
    image_colormiplevels (development aid to see texture mip usage)
    image_downsize (controls texture downsampling)
    image_lodbias (change lod bias on mipmapped images)
    image_anisotropy (set the maximun texture anisotropy if available)
    image_filter (changes texture filtering on mipmapped images)
    imagestats (usage - imagestats lo hi)

    comandos [si>
    si_idleserver (game clients are idle)
    si_version (engine version)
    si_autobalance (maintain even teams)
    si_shuffle (shuffle teams after each round)
    si_spectators (allow spectators or require all clients to play)
    si_usepass (enable client password checking)
    si_warmup (do pre-game warmup)
    si_teamdamage (enable team damage)
    si_timelimit (time limit in minutes)
    si_fraglimit (frag limit)
    si_allowhitscantint (use hitscan tint. rail color 0 - no tinting allowed.
    1 - player hitscan tinting allowed in DM and no hitscan tinting in team games.
    2 - player hitscan tinting allowed in DM and use team-color hitscan tints in team games.
    si_allowvoting (enable or disable server option voting)
    si_useready (require players to ready before starting a match)
    si_tourneylimit (number of times a tourney will be run before cycling maps)
    si_capturelimit (score limit for CTF)
    si_minplayers (min number of players to start a game [only when warmup is enabled>)
    si_maxplayers (max number of players allowed on the server)
    si_mapcycle (map cycle list semicolon delimited)
    si_map (map to be played next on server)
    si_gametype (game type - singleplayer,DM,TEAM DM,CTF, pulsar Arena CTF,or tourney)
    si_name (name of the server)
    si_weaponstay (cannot pick up weapons you already have [get no ammo from them>)
    si_countdown (pregame countdown in seconds)
    si_entityfilter (filter to use when spawning entities)
    si_pure (server is pure and does not allow modified data)

    comandos [Cl>
    cl_showentityinfo# 1 para abilitar y 0 para desabilitar
    cl_punkbuster# 1 para abilitar y 0 para desabilitar (is client side punkbuster enabled?)
    comando [sv>
    sv_punkbuster 0
    sv_punkbuster 1
    comandos [A> ~Ai
    ai_playerpushalways (always allow player to push buddies, unlees scripted)
    ai_debugeyefocus (draws eye focus info)
    ai_allowoldaas (allows al to use most recent aas file,even if it is not up-to-date.enable on ly for testing.)
    ai_useRVMastermove (changes al to use new master move function)
    ai_disablecover (disables al using cover points)
    ai_disablesimplethink (disables simple thinkking in al entities)
    ai_disableattacks (disables attack decisions)
    ai_disableenttactical (disables tactical points around entities)
    ai_allowtacticalrush (allows tactical ai to rush an enemy when hurt)
    ai_debugstealth (draws suspicion info for enemies)
    ai_deungsquad (draws squad info for allies)
    ai_blockedfailsafe (enable blocked fail safe handling)
    ai_show0bstacleavoidance (draws obstacle avoidance information for monsters. if 2, draws obstacles for player, pulsar As well)
    ai_showpaths (draws path_* entities)
    ai_showcombatnodes (draws attack cones for monsters)
    ai_debugfilterstring (see ai_debugfilter)
    ai_debughelpers (draws ai helpers)
    ai_debugtactical (draws tactical information for monsters)
    ai_debugtrajectory (draws trajectory tests for monster)
    ai_debugmove (draws movement information for monsters)
    ai_debugscript (displays script calls for the specified monster entity number)

    comandos [PM>
    pm_vehiclecamerascalemax is:300 default:300r
    pm_vehiclecameraspeedscale is:.5 default .5r
    pm_vehiclecameramindist is:300 default 300r
    pm_vehiclecamerasnap is:1 default 1r
    pm_forcespectatormove (force the player to move like a spectator [fly>)
    pm_frictionoverride (adjust the player friciton.)
    pm_acceloverride (adjust the player acceleration)
    pm_air (howlong in milliseconds the player can go without air beforce he starts taking damege)
    pm_movelview (draws camera from POV of player model [1 = always,2 = when dead>)
    pm_thirdpersondeath (enables third person view when player dies)
    pm_thirdperson (enables third person view)
    pm_thirdpersonclip (clip third person view into world space)
    pm_thirdpersonangle (direction of camera from player in 3rd person in degrees [0 = behind player,180 = in front>)
    pm_thirdpersonheight (height of camera from normal view height in 3rd person)
    pm_thirdpersonrange (camera distance from player in 3rd person)
    pm_runbob (bob faster when running)
    pm_walkbob (bob slowly when walking)

    comandos [Server>

    seta si_name GameType Revolution 0.17b | P.R. 1.3 NAME OF YOUR SERVER
    seta si_pure 1 ALWAYS USE PURE SERVERS
    seta si_gameType G DMr
    seta si_map mpq4dm1r
    seta si_mapCycle mpq4dm1;mpq4dm2 EXAMPLE MAPCYCLE
    seta net_serverAllowServerMod 1 ALLOWING MOD
    seta net_serverClientTimeout 40r
    seta net_serverDedicated 1r
    seta net_serverMaxClientRate 25600 MAXIMAL RATE OF A PLAYERS, LEAVE THIS AT VALUE 25600
    seta net_serverMaxUsercmdRelay 5r
    seta net_serverZombieTimeout 5r
    seta net_allowCheats DONT ALLOW CHEATS
    seta net_serverReloadEngine DONT RELOAD ENGINE EVERYTIME
    seta sv_punkbuster 1 PUNKBUSTER ENABLED
    seta net_serverRemoteConsolePassword SET YOUR RCON PASSWORD HERE
    Private Slots
    seta g_privatePassword DEFINE A PASSWORD for private slots
    seta si_scoreBotRefreshRate 10r
    seta si_gamemode gtrr
    seta match_timeoutLength 300r
    seta net_serverRefereePassword YOUR REFEREE PASSWORD
    seta net_serverDownload 2r
    seta net_serverDlBaseURL _:q4files.escapedturkey.netquake4pk4s YOUR URL USING HTTP
    seta net_serverDlTable q4basecc_brightskins_01.pk4;q4basecc_weapskins_01.pk4;gtrmap_midairX.pk4;gtrz-pak-016.pk4;gtrz-game-linux32-016.pk4;gtrz-game-win32-016.pk4; PATH TO THE FILES AVAILABLE ON THE AUTODOWNLOAD SERVER
    seta sv_mastepulsar R 1 q4master.idsoftware.comr
    seta sv_mastepulsar R 2 mastepulsar R 3.idsoftware.comr
    seta sv_mastepulsar R 3 master0.gamespy.comr
    seta g_log r
    seta logFileName NAME OF YOUR LOGFILE

    comandos [Quake4Config.cfg>
    allow console
    seta com_allowconsole 1

    seta ui_name AÞøçälïÞsïZr
    seta ui_clan -K|a|L|a|K|a|Z-r
    seta ui_model model_player_mariner
    seta ui_skin aser
    seta ui_showGun 1r
    seta ui_autoReload 1r
    seta ui_autoSwitch r
    seta ui_hitscanTint 240 0.6 1r
    seta ui_model_strogg model_player_kane_stroggr
    seta ui_model_marine

    seta cl_autoAction r
    seta cl_blood 1r
    seta cl_gibs r
    seta cl_viewBobbing r
    seta cl_grenadeTrail 1r
    seta cl_nailTrail 1r
    seta cl_rocketTrail 1r
    seta cl_tinyRailTrail 1r
    seta cl_enemyColorLegs 0ff00r
    seta cl_enemyColorTorso 0ff00r
    seta cl_enemyColorArms 0ff00r
    seta cl_enemyColorIntensity 1r
    seta cl_teamColorLegs 000ffr
    seta cl_teamColorTorso fr
    seta cl_teamColorArms ff0000r
    seta cl_teamColorIntensity 1r
    seta cl_teamForceColors 7r
    seta cl_weaponConfig10 -1 -1 -1 15 32 ff7722r
    seta cl_weaponConfig9 -1 -1 -1 9 24 c433ffr
    seta cl_weaponConfig8 -1 -1 -1 8 24 ffff99r
    seta cl_weaponConfig7 -1 -1 -1 7 24 00ff00r
    seta cl_weaponConfig6 -1 -1 -1 6 24 ff0000r
    seta cl_weaponConfig5 -1 -1 -1 5 24 99ccccr
    seta cl_weaponConfig4 -1 -1 -1 4 24 338f12r
    seta cl_weaponConfig3 -1 -1 -1 3 24 0073ffr
    seta cl_weaponConfig2 -1 -1 -1 2 24 ff8c00r
    seta cl_weaponConfig1 -1 -1 -1 1 24 ffff00r
    seta cl_weaponConfig0 -1 -1 -1 13 32 0088ffr
    seta cl_weaponConfigs r
    seta cl_useScreenShotJPEG r
    seta cl_editMapLocations r
    seta cl_weaponBobbing r

    seta hud_lagometerPosition 10 380r
    seta hud_drawTeamOverlay 1r
    seta hud_teamOverlayDrawSelf 1r
    seta hud_showTeamHealth 1r
    seta hud_drawTimer 2r
    seta hud_teamOverlayAlpha 1 0.5r
    seta hud_showSpeed r
    seta hud_showJumps r
    seta hud_ammoBar r
    seta hud_ammoColor 1r
    seta hud_ammoVisible 1r
    seta hud_weaponHighlight r
    seta hud_weaponSwitch 3r
    seta hud_weaponVisible 1r
    seta hud_barStyle r

    seta si_numPlayers 4r
    seta si_fragLimit 15r
    seta si_timeLimit r
    seta si_map mpq4dm1r
    seta si_gameType
    seta si_voiceChat r
    seta si_serverURL
    seta si_autobalance r
    seta si_shuffle r
    seta si_spectators 1r
    seta si_usePass r
    seta si_warmup 1r
    seta si_teamDamage r
    seta si_suddenDeathRestart 1r
    seta si_privatePlayers r
    seta si_allowHitscanTint 2r
    seta si_allowVoting 1r
    seta si_useReady 1r
    seta si_tourneyLimit 3r
    seta si_captureLimit 5r
    seta si_minPlayers 1r
    seta si_maxPlayers 12r
    seta si_mapCycle
    seta si_name IMMORTALZ NEVER DIEr
    seta si_autoAction
    seta si_freeModels r
    seta si_scoreBotRefreshRate 10r
    seta si_scoreBotSupport 1r
    seta si_roundLimit 7r

    game settings:
    seta g_privatePassword
    seta g_friendsList
    seta g_favoritesList
    seta g_showHudPopups r
    seta g_announcerDelay 1000r
    seta g_mapCycle mapcycler
    seta g_gameReviewPause 15r
    seta g_password
    seta g_gunViewStyle r
    seta g_crosshairCustomFile gfxguiscrosshairscrosshair_q3_8.tgar
    seta g_crosshairCustom 1r
    seta g_crosshairColor 1 0 0 1r
    seta g_crosshairSize 40r
    seta g_brassTime 1r
    seta g_showProjectilePct r
    seta g_showHud 1r
    seta g_simpleItems r
    seta g_skipItemShadowsMP 1r
    seta g_skipPlayerShadowsMP 1r
    seta g_showPlayerShadow r
    seta pm_vehicleSoundLerpScale 10r
    seta pm_vehicleCameraScaleMax 300r
    seta pm_vehicleCameraSpeedScale .5r
    seta pm_vehicleCameraMinDist 300r
    seta pm_vehicleCameraSnap 1r
    seta pm_zoomedSlow 100r
    seta g_editEntityTextDistance 256r
    seta g_editEntityDistance 512r
    seta g_showcamerainfo r
    seta g_healthTakeLimit 25r
    seta g_healthTakeAmt 5r
    seta g_healthTakeTime 5r
    seta g_useDynamicProtection 1r
    seta g_armorProtectionMP .66667r
    seta g_armorProtection .66667r
    seta g_nightmare r
    seta g_decals 1r
    seta g_doubleVision r
    seta g_projectileLights 1r
    seta g_muzzleFlash 1r
    seta g_forceMarineModel model_player_marine_helmeted_brightr
    seta g_forceStroggModel model_player_tactical_transfer_brightr
    seta g_forceModel model_player_marine_helmeted_brightr
    seta g_spectatorChat 1r
    seta g_fov 100r
    seta g_gunZ r
    seta g_gunY r
    seta g_gunX r

    mouse input:
    seta m_strafeSmooth 4r
    seta m_smooth 1r
    seta m_strafeScale 6.25r
    seta m_yaw .022r
    seta m_pitch .022r
    seta m_accel r
    seta sensitivity 5r

    general input
    seta in_joystickLeftStickMove 1r
    seta in_toggleZoom r
    seta in_toggleCrouch r
    seta in_toggleRun r
    seta in_alwaysRun 1r
    seta in_freeLook 1r
    seta in_anglespeedkey 1.5r
    seta in_pitchspeed 140r
    seta in_yawspeed 140

    seta net_socksPassword
    seta net_socksUsername
    seta net_socksPort 1080r
    seta net_socksServer
    seta net_socksEnabled r
    seta net__ProxyMode 1r
    seta net__Proxy
    seta net_reportUsageStatistics r
    seta net_clientDownload 1r
    seta net_serverAllowServerMod r
    seta net_LANServer r
    seta net_menuLANServer 1r
    seta net_master4
    seta net_mastepulsar R 3
    seta net_mastepulsar R 2
    seta net_mastepulsar R 1
    seta net_clientMaxRate 16000r
    seta net_serverMaxClientRate 25000r
    seta net_serverMenuDedicated r
    seta net_serverDlTable
    seta net_serverDlBaseURL
    seta net_serverDownload r
    seta net_clientLagOMeter 1r
    seta net_serverRefereePassword

    seta sv_punkbuster r
    seta cl_punkbuster 1r

    seta s_useDeferredSettings 1r
    seta s_minStereo 8r
    seta s_deviceName NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audior
    seta s_useEAXOcclusion r
    seta s_useEAXReverb r
    seta s_useOpenAL r
    seta s_voiceVolume 1.0r
    seta s_voiceLatency 100r
    seta s_micInputLevel 6r
    seta s_voiceChatEcho r
    seta s_voiceChatReceive 1r
    seta s_voiceChatSend 1r
    seta s_radioChatterFraction .9r
    seta s_speakerFraction .65r
    seta s_numberOfSpeakers 2r
    seta s_subFraction .5r
    seta s_meterTopTime 2000r
    seta s_reverse r
    seta s_spatializationDecay 2r
    seta s_maxChannelsMixed 16r
    seta s_musicVolume r
    seta s_decompressionLimit 2r
    seta s_globalFraction .8r
    seta s_playDefaultSound 1r
    seta s_maxSoundsPerShader r
    seta s_doorDistanceAdd 150r
    seta s_volume 1r
    seta s_altHitsounds 1r

    seta r_strictResolutionMatch 1r
    seta r_debugArrowStep 120r
    seta r_debugLineWidth 1r
    seta r_debugLineDepthTest r
    seta r_forceLoadImages r
    seta r_shadows 1r
    seta r_useSMP r
    seta r_skipBump r
    seta r_skipSpecular r
    seta r_skipNewAmbient r
    seta r_renderer estr
    seta r_brightness 2r
    seta r_gamma 1.3r
    seta r_swapInterval r
    seta r_useIndexBuffers r
    seta r_customHeight 486r
    seta r_customWidth 720r
    seta r_fullscreen 1r
    seta r_displayRefresh
    seta r_mode 7r
    seta r_aspectRatio r
    seta r_alphaToCoverage 1r
    seta r_multiSamples 4r
    seta r_skipWorldFX
    seta r_forceAmbient r

    seta image_downSizeLimit 256r
    seta image_ignoreHighQuality r
    seta image_downSizeBumpLimit 256r
    seta image_downSizeSpecularLimit 64r
    seta image_downSizeBump r
    seta image_downSizeSpecular r
    seta image_useCache r
    seta image_cacheMegs 100r
    seta image_cacheMinK 30r
    seta image_usePrecompressedTextures 1r
    seta image_useNormalCompressionLoadDDSForPal 1r
    seta image_useNormalCompression 2r
    seta image_useAllFormats 1r
    seta image_useCompression 1r
    seta image_downSize r
    seta image_lodbias r
    seta image_anisotropy 4r
    seta image_filter GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEARr

    seta bse_rateCost 1.0r
    seta bse_rateLimit 1.0r
    seta bse_scale 1r
    seta gui_mediumFontLimit .60r
    seta gui_smallFontLimit .30r
    seta win_viewlog_update_count 10r
    seta win_viewlog_ypos r
    seta win_viewlog_xpos r
    seta win_ypos 22r
    seta win_xpos 3r
    seta demo_enforceFS r
    seta gui_configServerRate r
    seta com_lastQuicksave Quick0r
    seta com_skipLevelLoadPause r
    seta com_preloadDemos r
    seta com_compressDemos 1r
    seta com_videoRam 256r
    seta com_showFPS 1r
    seta com_allowConsole 1r
    seta com_purgeAll r
    seta com_machineSpec 2r
    seta sys_lang englishr
    seta pm_bobroll .002r
    seta pm_bobpitch .002r
    seta pm_bobup .005r
    seta pm_runroll .005r
    seta pm_runpitch .002r
    seta pm_runbob .4r
    seta pm_walkbob .3r
    seta pm_crouchbob .5r
    seta match_overtimeCount r
    seta match_overtimeLength 5r
    seta match_overtime 1r
    seta match_timeoutCount 3r
    seta match_timeoutLength 60r
    seta si_gamemode
    seta g_onlyArmorTD r
    seta g_firstPUrandomSpawn r
    seta match_selfDamage 1r
    seta match_fallingDamage 1r
    seta g_maxRespawnTime 10r
    seta g_altMinRespawnLimit r
    seta match_respawnOnSD 1r

    una cosa esto funciona en la vercion q4max Very Happy

    to turn the famous skins in q4 can use the following commands:
    cg_forcemodels 1r
    cg_forcecolors 1r

    model to define the enemy can use a range of options that the game brings:

    cg_enemymodel model_player_tactical_transferr
    cg_teammodel model_player_marine_helmetedr
    for the enemys colors using the RGB format by defining three values based on this table
    cg_enemycolor 255 0 (green)
    cg_teamcolor 255 255 0 (yellow)
    to activate the hud (heads-up display or indicating vidaarmorammo) only one command with three options for this patch:

    hud_style cpmhud1r
    hud_style cpmhud5r
    hud_style opshud5r
    these commands are available for the mod from version 0.71 q4max
    Here is a list of useful varial:
    possible value variable description
    Dide ui_name players name
    TQC ui_clan clan name
    ui_model model (avatar) model_player_marine_medic
    ui_skin skinscharactersplayermarine_mp player skin
    com_allowconsole enable a console
    r_brightness brightness, pulsar Better to raise it to 1.2 gamma
    r_gamma gammpulsar A, left the default one
    r_swapinterval vsync, vertical sync 0
    r_shadows shadows 0
    in_freelook a clear view
    m_smooth mouse movement smoothing a
    m_strafescale smoothing scale of 6.25 strafe
    m_strafesmooth strafe smoothing scale (pattern) 4
    m_pitch pitch (not inverted) 0022
    yaw m_yaw 0022
    sensitivity mouse sensitivity
    in_alwaysrun always run a
    Crouch in_togglecrouch 1
    in_togglerun run 1
    view (interface)
    com_showfps show fps 1
    g_fov field of vision 100
    All 1 g_showhud mostrarocultar
    ui_showgun a gun show
    zoom in_togglezoom 1
    ui_hitscantint colors of the rail 9 4 2
    ui_autoswitch change weapon to cojerla 0

    to open the cheat console precionas [ctrl> + +[º>
    introduse the following commands:
    recommendation 1 to enable and 0 to disable
    cheat - [monster>
    spawn monster_berserker
    spawn monster_bossbuddy
    spawn monster_convoy_ground
    spawn monster_convoy_hover
    spawn monster_default
    spawn monster_failed_transfer
    spawn monster_failed_transfer_torso
    spawn monster_fatty
    spawn monster_gladiator
    spawn monster_gladiator_shield
    spawn monster_grunt
    spawn monster_gunner
    spawn monster_gunner_grenade_only
    spawn monster_gunner_long_distance
    spawn monster_harvester
    spawn monster_harvester_combat
    spawn monster_hh_tank
    spawn monster_big_hh_tank
    spawn monster_big_hh_tank_convoy
    spawn monster_big_hh_tank_convoy2
    spawn monster_iron_maiden
    spawn monster_it_tank
    spawn monster_makron
    spawn monster_makron_legs
    spawn monster_makron_jr
    spawn monster_network_guardian
    spawn monster_network_guardian_process
    spawn monster_repair_bot
    spawn monster_scientist
    spawn monster_sentry
    spawn monster_slimy_transfer
    spawn monster_stream_protector
    spawn monster_strogg_fighter
    spawn monster_strogg_flyer
    spawn monster_strogg_hover
    spawn monster_strogg_hover_weak
    spawn monster_marine_base
    spawn monster_marine
    spawn monster_strogg_marine_mgun
    spawn monster_strogg_marine_convoy
    spawn monster_strogg_marine_mgun_convoy
    spawn monster_strogg_marine_sgun_convoy
    spawn monster_strogg_marine_long_distance
    spawn monster_strogg_marine_mgun_long_distance
    spawn monster_tactical_base
    spawn monster_tactical
    spawn monster_tactical_mgun
    spawn monster_tactical_blaster
    spawn monster_tactical_railgun
    spawn monster_tactical_unarmed
    spawn monster_teleport_dropper
    spawn monster_turret
    spawn monster_turret_small
    spawn monster_turret_bunker
    spawn monster_turret_flying
    spawn monster_turret_rocket
    spawn monster_harvester_ad
    spawn monster_strogg_marine_mgun_core
    spawn monster_strogg_flyer_tram1b
    spawn monster_strogg_tramcar_driver
    spawn monster_strogg_tramcar_gunner
    spawn monster_strogg_tramcar_blaster
    spawn monster_strogg_tramcar_mgun
    spawn monster_eyestalk
    cheat - [powerup>
    spawn powerup_quad_damage
    spawn powerup_haste
    spawn powerup_regeneration
    spawn powerup_invisibility
    spawn powerup_guard
    spawn powerup_doubler
    spawn powerup_ammoregen
    spawn powerup_scout
    cheat - [give>
    give scout
    give doubler
    give guard
    give ammoregen
    give haste
    give quad
    give invis
    give regeneration
    cheat - [char>
    spawn character_tube_marine_aftest
    spawn char_doctoc
    spawn char_strogg_unarmed
    spawn char_kane_strogg
    spawn char_marine_base
    spawn char_marine_combat
    spawn char_marine_unarmed
    spawn char_marine
    spawn char_marine_shotgun
    spawn char_marine_hyperblaster
    spawn char_marine_choppable
    spawn char_marine_arm_left
    spawn char_marine_arm_right
    spawn char_marine_leg_left
    spawn char_marine_leg_right
    spawn char_marine_fatigues
    spawn char_marine_medic_extras
    spawn char_marine_medic
    spawn char_marine_medic_armed
    spawn char_marine_naked
    spawn char_officer_unarmed
    spawn char_marine_officer
    spawn char_marine_prisoner_unarmed
    spawn char_marine_prisoner
    spawn char_marine_tech_extras
    spawn char_marine_tech
    spawn char_marine_tech_armed
    spawn char_marinehead_default
    spawn char_marinehead_kane
    spawn char_marinehead_kane_mp
    spawn char_marinehead_rhodes
    spawn char_marinehead_morris
    spawn char_marinehead_morris_mp
    spawn char_marinehead_gen_white_2
    spawn char_marinehead_gen_african_american
    spawn char_marinehead_gen_african_american_2
    spawn char_marinehead_general_harper
    spawn char_marinehead_general_harper_mp
    spawn char_marinehead_sledge
    spawn char_marinehead_helmet
    spawn char_marinehead_helmet_mp
    spawn char_marinehead_helmet_madic
    spawn char_marinehead_helmet_tech
    spawn char_marinehead_voss
    spawn char_marinehead_voss_mp
    spawn char_marinehead_voss_strogg
    spawn char_marinehead_gen_asian
    spawn char_marinehead_gen_asian_2
    spawn char_marinehead_gen_asian_3
    spawn char_marinehead_gen_white_3
    spawn char_marinehead_gen_white_4
    spawn char_marinehead_strassa
    spawn char_marinehead_strassa_mp
    spawn char_marinehead_bidwell
    spawn char_marinehead_bidwell
    spawn char_marinehead_cortez
    spawn char_marinehead_cortez_mp
    spawn char_marinehead_anderson
    spawn char_marinehead_anderson_mp
    spawn char_marinehead_doctor_masked
    spawn char_marinehead_half
    spawn char_marinehead_shot
    spawn char_marinehead_kane2
    spawn char_marinehead_kane_mp
    spawn char_marinehead_kanestrg
    spawn char_marinehead_kanestrg_mp
    spawn char_marinehead_npc_cortez_airdefense
    spawn char_marine_npc_ripkey_airdefense
    spawn char_marine_npc_judkins_airdefense
    spawn char_marine_npc_sledge_airdefense
    spawn char_marine_npc_bidwell_airdefense
    spawn char_marine_npc_voss_airdefense
    spawn char_marine_npc_rhodes_airdefense
    spawn char_marine_npc_miller_airdefense
    spawn char_marine_npc_morris_airdefense
    spawn char_marine_npc_metcalf_airdefense
    spawn char_marine_npc_anderson_airdefense
    spawn char_marine_npc_kane_core
    spawn char_marine_npc_morris_core
    spawn char_marine_npc_strauss_core
    spawn char_marine_npc_sledge_core
    spawn char_marine_npc_rhodes_core
    spawn char_marine_cortes_core
    spawn char_marine_npc_harper_core
    spawn char_marine_npc_officer_core
    spawn char_marine_npc_sledge_process1
    spawn char_marine_tramcar_process1_cortez
    spawn char_marine_npc_sledge_process2
    spawn char_marine_npc_sledge_process3
    spawn char_marine_npc_cobrasquad_door
    spawn char_marine_npc_sasaki_recomp
    spawn char_marine_npc_ mills_storage2
    spawn char_marine_npc_rutger_storage2
    spawn char_marine_npc_tramcar_lybeck
    spawn char_marine_npc_cortez_tram1
    spawn char_marine_tramcar_cortez
    spawn char_marine_tramcar
    spawn char_marine_puccini
    spawn char_marine_malgar
    spawn char_marine_elgar

    cheat - [t>
    timescale #
    cheat - [g>

    gui_debugscript #
    g_brasstime #

    other commands:

    god: god mode.
    Give ammo: ammo.
    give all Weapons: all the weapons.
    give all: all weapons with ammunition, pulsar And armor and life to the fullest.
    gfxinfo: graphic card information.
    com_showfps #: 1 to display the frames per second on screen, 0 to disconnect
    TestLight: create a point of light.
    poplight: Disable TestLight.r
    pm_jumpheight #: indicates the maximum height jumping
    pm_noclipspeed #: indicates how quickly you can move in noclip mode
    pm_speed #: enter your running speed
    pm_crouchspeed #: indicates the speed to duck
    pm_thirdperson #: 1 turns third-person mode, 0 disables it
    g_stoptime #: set to 1 to stop time (can only move around) and 0 to restart time
    g_knockback #: set to 0 to keep monster Attacks from knocking you around
    killmonsters: removes all monsters in level.
    notarget: invisibility
    noclip: enables the ability to fly and pass through objects.
    com_allowconsole 1: to open and close the console with ~
    Publisher: closes the game and open the editor.
    avidemo: record heading into a movie in avi format.
    g_showplayershadow #: 1 shows the shadows, 0 delete them.
    kill: suicide.
    char_marine_tech_armed spawn and summoned to an engineer who can repair your armor.
    char_marine_medic spawn and summoned a doctor to help you.
    spawn char_marine: summons a marine who will help you fight.
    Give weapon_dmg: dark matter gun with ammunition.
    Give weapon_railgun: railgun ammunition.
    Give weapon_lightninggun: lightning gun with ammunition.
    Give weapon_grenadelauncher: grenade launcher ammunition.
    Give weapon_nailgun: nailgun ammo.
    Give weapon_rocketlauncher: rocket launcher ammunition.
    Give weapon_hyperblaster: Hyperblaster with ammunition.
    Give weapon_shotgun: shotgun ammo.
    Give weapon_machinegun: machinegun with ammunition.
    Give Weapons: All weapons with ammunition.
    Give item_health_mega: life up to 200
    Give armor: armor to the maximum.
    Give health: life to the fullest.
    quit: quit the game.
    xy screenshot: replace x and y screen resolutions format 4
    Give quad: Multiply by 4 the damage of your weapons
    timescale 15: speeds up the game.
    timescale 1: normal play speed.
    clear: exit the console.
    modview: lance modeler views.
    savegame: save the game.
    screenshotjpeg: record screen jpeg.
    undying: immortality.


    before starting.
    iv quake has the Doom III graphics engine, so many commands and options will be common to both games.
    the first thing you do is a copy of the configuration file, quake4config.cfg that is in the folder where you installed there q4base the game, this will avoid problems later. can also restore the default configuration file by removing only quake4config.cfg, the game will generate a new one.
    1 .- console
    2 .- our own configuration file (the config)
    3 .- syntax
    4 .- performance settings
    5 .- nick coloring
    6 .- removes the players movement while walking, pulsar Balancing
    7 .- several variables varied
    8 .- actions assigned to keys (bindeables)
    1 .- console.
    iv quake console will serve to cover all types of commands and configuration commands to the game.
    to enter the console, simply press ctrl + alt + ~ key ~ is the one above the tab (to 1).
    This key combination is often horrible to use, lets change it to open the console just by pressing ~r
    * Modify the shortcut to the game:
    instead of c: Program Files softwarequake 4quake4.exer
    will c: Program Files softwarequake 4quake4.exe + set com_allowconsole 1
    we can avoid leaving three introductions entering the game (id Software, Raven Software and Activision), modifying the shortcut:
    * Modify the shortcut to the game:
    instead of c: Program Files softwarequake 4quake4.exer
    will c: Program Files softwarequake 4quake4.exe 1 + + set disconnect com_allowconsole
    to record all the text in the console in a text file by typing condump nombre_del_fichero.txt.
    2 .- our own configuration file (the config)
    entering the game, he charged, if anpulsar Y, pulsar A file called autoexec.cfg There we put our commands to load automatically upon entering, if we keep our settings in another file, eg dide.cfg we write on the console exec dide.cfg or write in the autoexec.cfg .
    configuration file will be executed sequentiallpulsar Y, that is, if we have the same command twice with different values, the latter shall prevail and they will overwrite the first value.
    We will see some basic commands.
    3 .- syntax
    to write comments using the following syntax:
    the two bars will show the game
    not interpret what comes next
    which is a commentary by the author to provide
    subsequent reading or editing, comments
    are very important, pulsar A programmer tells you:)

    to assign a key to a particular action, use the command ind followed by the pound and the command to be executed:
    m o v i m i e n t o
    bind w _forward advance
    bind a _moveleftr
    bind s _back back
    bind d _moverightr
    bind space _speed caminarcorrer
    We shall see all movement commands and others, now only interested in the syntax.
    other commands that are not allocations are prefixed with set or mushroom (this store), there are 5 numbers, pulsar But so far only using set and we will store it in your configuration file.
    to show the number of frames per second (fps) that is able to process your computer will use the following command:
    September com_showfps 1?
    default and like the game Doom III is limited to 60 fps, to override the limitation of fps add the following command:
    September com_fixedtic -1?
    This command does not improve the performance of your computer but it serves to get started:), the default value is ?.
    4 .- performance settings
    September image_useCache 1? active options.
    September image_cachemegs 128? cache size of compressed images, 128 for 512mb of system ram to 1GB 196-256
    image_cachemink September 2048? This need to put the game does not crash.
    and more:
    September image_downsizespecular 1? the decrease of active textures for some types of glare, useful if your graph has less than 256mb of ram.
    September image_downsizebump 1? toggles the size of the textures for maps dump for graphic
    September image_downsize 1? toggles the size of the textures, for graphics
    September image_downsizespecularlimit 512? 1024 for 256mb gfx 512 for 128mb gfx 256 for 64mb
    September image_downsizebumplimit 512? 1024 for 256mb gfx 512 for 128mb gfx 256 for 64mb
    September image_downsizelimit 512? 1024 for 256mb gfx. 512 for 128mb gfx. 256 for 64mb
    September image_lodbias .2? 0 by default, level of detail to arms.
    other interesting graphics options:
    September g_muzzleflash ? rendered or not the flash of shooting, defaults to 0
    September g_brasstime ? to show the cartridges when you shoot.
    September g_projectilelights ? remove the missiles lights
    September g_skipitemshadowsmp ? eliminates the shadows of the items, multiplayer Siol
    September g_skipplayershadowsmp ? eliminates the shadows of the players, multiplayer only.
    September g_showplayershadow ? eliminates the shadows of the players, single player
    September g_skipvieweffects ? eliminates some special effects.
    brightness and gamma:
    September r_brightness 1.4? brightness, default 1.2
    September r_gamma 1.5? gamma defaults to 1
    5 .- nick coloring
    example: ^ ^ 3e = Dide 1did
    ^ 1 red
    ^ 2 green
    ^ 3 yellow
    ^ 4 blue
    Blue ^ 5
    ^ 6 pink
    ^ 7 white
    ^ 8 gray
    6 .- removes the players movement while walking, pulsar Balancing
    September pm_runbob ? 0.4 default
    September pm_runpitch ? defaults to 0002
    September pm_runroll ? defaults to 0005
    September pm_walkbob ? 0.3 default
    September pm_bobpitch ? defaults to 0002
    September pm_bobroll ? defaults to 0002
    September pm_bobup ? defaults to 0005
    September pm_crouchbob ? 0.5 default
    7 .- .- varied several variables:)
    Here is a list of useful variables:
    possible value variable description
    Dide ui_name players name
    TQC ui_clan clan name
    ui_model model (avatar) model_player_marine_medic
    ui_skin skinscharactersplayermarine_mp player skin
    com_allowconsole enable a console
    r_brightness brightness, pulsar Better to raise it to 1.2 gamma
    r_gamma gammpulsar A, left the default one
    r_swapinterval vsync, vertical sync 0
    r_shadows shadows 0
    in_freelook a clear view
    m_smooth mouse movement smoothing a
    m_strafescale smoothing scale of 6.25 strafe
    m_strafesmooth strafe smoothing scale (pattern) 4
    m_pitch pitch (not inverted) 0022
    yaw m_yaw 0022
    sensitivity mouse sensitivity 8 (I am very sensitive:)
    in_alwaysrun always run a
    Crouch in_togglecrouch 1
    in_togglerun run 1
    view (interface)
    com_showfps show fps 1
    g_fov field of vision 100
    All 1 g_showhud mostrarocultar
    ui_showgun a gun show
    zoom in_togglezoom 1
    ui_hitscantint colors of the rail 9 4 2
    ui_autoswitch change weapon to cojerla 0
    8 .- actions assigned to keys (bindeables)
    Action description
    _attack shooting
    _zoom activate zoom
    ammunition reloading _impulse13
    _impulse14 previous weapon
    _impulse15 next weapon
    activardesactivar _impulse50 flashlight
    _impulse0 glove
    _impulse1 cut
    _impulse2 machine gun
    Hyperblaster _impulse3
    _impulse4 grenades
    plasma _impulse5
    bazoca _impulse6
    railgun _impulse7
    _impulse8 ray
    BFG _impulse9
    control character
    _forward advance
    Back _back
    skip _moveup
    Crouch _movedown
    correrandar _speed
    _voicechat voice chat
    clientmessagemode global message
    clientmessagemode a group message
    emote salute gesture
    gesture emote cheer
    gesture taunt emote
    grab_a gesture emote
    interface control
    togglemenu menu
    toggleconsole console
    _impulse19 score goals
    _ingamestats multiplayer statistics
    pause pause the game
    _impulse28 vote if
    _impulse29 vote no
    _impulse17 prepared
    _impulse20 change teams
    _impulse21 viewer change room
    _impulse22 viewing,
    Quick Save savegame quick starting
    loadgame starting quick fast charge
    suicide kill -1
    reconnect reconnect
    disconnect switch
    exit out of the game
    screenshot screenshot in tga
    screenshotjpg screenshot in jpg

    another little help ...
    Courtesy of:
    wolf for newbies
    wolf for newbies - cvars link
    cvars (variables console)
    A table of cvars with some notes on where they are used, what values can be taken and a brief description if I know. I also added some notes the variables that you can rick to improve your framerate. values are binarpulsar Y, ie 0 or 1, can be defined as switches, to give you the ability to change its value quickly from one state to another. other cvars with a range of values can be configured using a cyclic command, which lets you travel values in cycles.
    toggles (switches)
    any command that may have a binary value can be defined by a switch. For example, the variable always run (running always) supports the values 0 or 1, so that we could create a switch that allows us to switch between 0 and 1 by pressing a key. This has two advantages:
    1. in the case of the command + speed (running), no need to hold down the shift key to run and release to just walk. if you do not want to draw attention of the opposite, so going to change then press again to continue career mode.
    2. is a way to economize on the use of keys. use only one key instead of using two (one for walking and one for running).
    the syntax of this command is as follows:
    bind [key> Oggle [command> r
    [Key> is the key to use, without putting [>
    [Command> is the command in quotation marks, without putting the [>
    heres a couple of examples I have in my autoexec.cfgr
    ui_showgun Oggle bind alternating shift if it shows the gun: 1-yes, 0-no.
    bind f3 Oggle com_showfps displays the fpss 1-yes 0-no.
    bind f4 Oggle g_showwaypoints displays crossing points: 1-yes, 0-no.
    bind f5 Oggle g_rotatecommandmap enables rotation of the map: 1-yes, 0-no.
    look in your configuration of variables that can take values of 0 or 1. all of them can be configured as switches.
    cycle (cycling)
    cycling allows the player to traverse a range of different values with a simple command. For example, pulsar You can use to change the icon size of the players. how to do it:
    bind [key> cycle [variable> [initial value> [final value> [increment (optional)>r
    in case you want to use a cycle to change the icon size players would be something like this:
    bind [key> cycle g_playericonsize October 1930 5 (initial 10-May-30-final installments of 5)
    this changes the size of the icon of the players in steps of 5, starting at 10-30, pulsar And back again.

    philosophical question - does the optimization of cvars is cheating?
    I think not. improving cvars is available to everyone that google search, open a cfg file, copy and paste. need not be known nuclear engineering, pulsar After all, did you know to find your way here alone.
    in addition, server administrators make the rules, limit what they consider acceptable for play (cvars, played mods, mod settings, pulsar Bla bla bla). to enforce heir standards of the game, have a couple of tools available (rcon, PunkBuster, personal presence, ...) with which they can monitor and moderate their servers, I stress: their servers and their communities.
    as guest players home person (this is of my own), we have two obligations:
    1 - play by their rules.
    2 - if you do not like their rules, leave and find another server that is to your liking.
    all this, keep in mind that we are in a beta testing ...
    finallpulsar Y, what does all this mean for the weaker?. each administrator defines a range or legal values for each cvar, pulsar And help the PunkBuster to control compliance. Players are allowed to modify those values cvar only within certain limits. those weakers in excess of one or more of these limits, just have to find another server. Is this cheating? hard, pulsar Because knowing the rules, pulsar Youll see which servers you want to play.
    If you disagree, do not go from here.
    if you do not share my philosophy about optimization and cheating, then do not follow along and save your soul ....
    visibility and performance tweaks (improved performance and visibility)
    first of all that is here is a good thread which answers many questions about the limits of fpss and make some parallel between fluency and pure fpss.
    com_allowconsole one can download only console by pressing No instead of ctrl + alt + ºr

    general customization
    all that comes below is to turn off swinging and rocks as you move.
    pm_crouchbob 0
    pm_bobroll 0
    pm_bobpitch 0
    pm_bobup 0
    pm_runroll 0
    pm_runpitch 0
    pm_runbob 0
    pm_walkbob 0
    g_chatdefaultcolor 0 0 0 0 defines the color of general chat rgba format (0-0-0 = black)
    g_chatfireteamcolor 0 0 0 0 defines the color of fire team chat rgba format (0-0-0 = black)
    g_chatteamcolor 0 0 0 0 defines the color of team chat rgba format (0-0-0 = black)
    rgba format consists of four numbers, the first three of 0-255, pulsar And the fourth is the alpha channel which measures the level of transparency or opacity. For example, red equals 255 0 0. in the example given is black (0 0 0).
    performance improvements
    r_shadows 0 removes shadows beneficial internal and external does not affect the light
    r_skipstuff one off the appearance of foliage and grass, that is, remove crapr
    setmachinespec 0 adjust your graphic settings to minimum and load the minspec.cfg which contains some additional settings that will help in pcs slow
    r_mode can always play with your screen resolution
    g_showplayershadow 0 removes the shadow of the player
    g_decals 0 disables the bullets marks
    improving the graphics quality
    image_lodbias -1 to 1 sets the minimap to use at a given distance. generally -1 gives an image with many squares, while 1 gives a somewhat blurred image. you can use intermediate values as 0.25 if you like or outliers.
    0 r_megadrawmethod greatly improves lighting quality and improves the effect of depth of field of vision.
    r_md5lodscale 10 hides the transition from low resolution models with long distance to much detail (vehicles, players)
    seta image_detailpower 1 controls how fast the detail textures diffuse (0 = mipmap normal, 1 = falls after the first level)
    r_renderprogramloddistance 400 affects the distance over which are rendered special effects such as shiny metal

    Optimized Visibility
    ui_showgun 0 removes the gun to the sight and sound cartridges for gdf. another note: you can not combine the commands of weapons with anything, pulsar Because it is not possible to remove in a selective model of weapon and leave the tool selectively. g_playericonsize 10 reduces the size of the icon players
    g_weaponswitchtimeout and # 65 533; off the animation of the weapon to remove those that are available when you switch weapon
    gui_showtooltips and # 65 533; off emerging tools
    gui_crosshairspreadscale and # 65 533; define the sizes of vertical and horizontal bars around the spotlight
    gui_crosshairgrenadealpha and # 65 533, 286 585 sets the transparency of the circular progress indicator granadasherramientas
    gui_crosshairstatsalpha and # 65 533; change transparency of the indicators of health and ammo (0 = off)
    gui_crosshairspreadalpha and # 65 533; change the transparency of the scale indicator spread
    gui_crosshairalpha and # 65 533; 0.5 changes the level of transparency in the spotlight
    g_showfireteamlocation 0 only shows the name and health of your fire team hud.

    if you have a core 2 duo that is very interesting
    threaded optimization in the control panel auto envy.
    r_threadedrenderer to 2 if you have a duo core or quad-core this cvar comes with patch 1.2

    Source: Forums territorioenemigo of chusz forero
    berserk put something if you think its interesting in the main post.
    I and applied almost everything .. rolling over all of the doll

    commands for the character model

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    to turn the famous skins in q4 can use the following commands:
    1st cg_forcemodels
    1st cg_forcecolors

    model to define the enemy can use a range of options that the game brings:
    model_player_tactical_transferr cg_enemymodel
    model_player_marine_helmetedr cg_teammodel

    for the enemys colors using the RGB format by defining three values based on this table
    cg_enemycolor and # 65 533; 255 0 (green)
    cg_teamcolor 255 255 0 (yellow)

    to activate the hud (heads-up display or indicating vidaarmorammo) only one command with three options for this patch:
    cpmhud1r hud_style
    cpmhud5r hud_style
    opshud5r hud_style

    * Note: these commands are available for the mod from version 0.71 q4max

    Here is a list of useful varial:

    possible value variable description
    Dide ui_name players name
    TQC ui_clan clan name
    ui_model model (avatar) model_player_marine_medic
    ui_skin skinscharactersplayermarine_mp player skin
    com_allowconsole enable a console
    r_brightness brightness, pulsar Better to raise it to 1.2 gamma
    r_gamma gammpulsar A, left the default one
    r_swapinterval vsync, vertical sync 0
    r_shadows shadows 0
    in_freelook a clear view
    m_smooth mouse movement smoothing a
    m_strafescale smoothing scale of 6.25 strafe
    m_strafesmooth strafe smoothing scale (pattern) 4
    m_pitch pitch (not inverted) 0022
    yaw m_yaw 0022
    sensitivity mouse sensitivity
    in_alwaysrun always run a
    Crouch in_togglecrouch 1
    in_togglerun run 1
    view (interface)
    com_showfps show fps 1
    g_fov field of vision 100
    All 1 g_showhud mostrarocultar
    ui_showgun a gun show
    zoom in_togglezoom 1
    ui_hitscantint colors of the rail 9 4 2
    ui_autoswitch change weapon to cojerla 0

    well here we go, the 999 colors for quake 4 so give it a good look at your nick Arrow
    here you find the icons of quake 4 Arrow

    ^ Iw09 for the dark matter gun symbol
    ^ Iw00 symbol for The Gauntlet
    ^ Iw04 symbol for the grenade launcher
    ^ Iw03 hyperblaster for the symbol
    ^ Iw08 lightninggun for the symbol
    ^ Iw01 machinegun for the symbol
    ^ Iw05 symbol for the nailgun
    ^ Iw07 symbol for the railgun
    ^ Iw06 rocketlauncher for the symbol
    ^ Iw02 symbol for the shotgun

    other symbols
    ^ Idm1 for a green x
    ^ Iarr for a right arrow
    ^ Idm0 for a skull and crossbones
    ^ Ifve for a star
    ^ Idse for the Armor Shard symbol
    ^ Idbl For The doubler symbol
    ^ Igrd for the Guard symbol
    ^ Iflm for the Marine flag symbol
    ^ Ipse for the padlock symbol
    ^ Ifdd Played for the muted symbol
    ^ Ifde unmuted Played for the symbol
    ^ Ipbe for the PunkBuster logo
    ^ Irgn symbol for the regeneration
    ^ Isct for the scout symbol
    ^ Ifls for the Strogg Flag symbol
    ^ Ivcd voice for the disabled symbol
    ^ Ivce for the voice enabled symbol
    bueno espero que les guste jeje eso es todo por ahora lo que neseciten de quake 4 my msn is:brian.massons(arroba)
    por si no saben ingles le puedo pasar a español solo agreguemen, pulsar Y aver si echamos una partida en quake 4 ahaha...Mi nick es AÞøçälïÞsïZ aver que tan buenos son
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    Quake 4 (pc_ordenador)
    pc ordenador

    aqui yo otra ves..
    he encontrado trucos qe on para qe aparesca un marine, un medico, un tecnico, en fin.. alguien qe te ayude..
    no hay mas qe eso..
    ok.. para las persona qe no son de esas qe les gusta todo facil..
    aca les traigo trucos para qe aparescan monstruos..
    jajaa mandar como van a sufir!!
    ok para qe aparesca un gladiador es spawn dispersapulsar L 2_monster_gladiator
    para qe aparesca el guardian de la torre de interconecion es
    spawn monster_network_guardian
    para qe aparesca un cosechador es
    spawn walker_monster_harvester
    y el mas bonito de todos..Comor??Comor??
    esta el makron y es
    spawn monster_makron
    si ya son demasiado relajados qe no pueden ni ganarle a la maquina en modo avanzado en el ajedresGuay
    les dejo el truco del caminante..
    y es spawn vehicle_walkerCool
    ok espero les sirva.. y si queren mas..
    pueden abrir el editor de mapas y de ahi e arreglan utedes por qe no sabria explicarlo y esta todo en ingles.. pero prueben quiza les viene como a mi y le agarran la mano.. Guay
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